Low-Cost Websites for Small Businesses and Start-Ups

Low-Cost Websites UK

low-cost websites for small businesses

Low-Cost Websites for Small Businesses

low-cost websites for startup businesses

  • Our company, Low-Cost Websites UK, specialise in high quality, low-cost websites. Ideal for small businesses and for websites for start-up businesses. It will amaze you at how low our prices are and how we make every effort to explain things in a true and uncomplicated way. We have no hidden costs and there are false bargains. Nor will we oversell our products. There will be no tempting you to buy unnecessary domain names and hosting charges that you do not need.

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  • Low-Cost Websites UK is a partnership made up of two recently retired friends. The two of us spend most of our time living in Spain. We have almost 50 years of IT experience between of us. Our company has no High Street Office costs with no staff wages to pay and no rents to pay. There are no business rates and no overheads. Our partnership can offer truly Low-Cost Websites that work for you the client. We work where ever we may be, in the UK or in Spain and even when travelling creating our low-cost websites for small businesses.

Low-Cost Websites UK

low-cost websites uk

Tom (that’s me) is the nuts and bolts man. He worked as a qualified Chemist before moving into the business world whilst working in the rag trade, he established a well-known brand of sports clothing. There he made many different sites for his company before retiring.
Mike is the real techy. What he doesn’t know is not worth knowing. He retired younger than 50 and was European IT manager for a well known IT hardware company. Come with us and you will be with true experts with your interests at heart. We specialise in building websites for small businesses and local businesses in particular. These businesses could include for example Butchers Shops and Hairdressers Shops with Convenience Stores or Hairdressers Shops or Mobiles and Dog Walkers etc. etc.

Low-Cost Websites for Startup Businesses

low-cost websites for small businesses   Starting up your own business is an exciting time. Saving money with spending wisely is of the uppermost importance. Having a good website is a must as well as active social media memberships. Low-Cost Websites UK can provide an excellent website for your business start-up. it will help you to reach the clients that you will need to get your business moving. Our websites for start-up businesses are excellent. See a typical website for a small business that has grown from a start-up business. Please visit the client’s website. The client is enjoying here page 1 position in Google, Bing, Etc.

Low-Cost Websites for Small Businesses

Out of over 5.0 million businesses in the UK. over 99% of them are SMEs. These small or start-up businesses range from shoe repairers shops to dentists, but they share the determination of their owners to grow and prosper from their small businesses. Template Based Websites Some people try the self-made or template based websites. These can be a costly disappointment. There can be significant disadvantages to using a template. Especially if your developer isn’t particularly skilled. These can include: Your site may look like everyone else’s. Skilled designers can reduce this problem with a creative use of graphics and customization. This work is within the template. But the most popular themes are the result of thousands of downloads. You’re limited in your graphic design and navigation capability A significant degree of customization can be possible in templates. Especially the more expensive ones. But you are stuck with the parameters of the template. Being for your graphic design and navigation. This can be simple design parameters, like limited choices in icons. Then the more serious issues like the inability to have the functionality you want in the way that you’d like it to work. Our company can bring you a great website for just £75.00.

Low-Cost Websites for Cottage Industries

Here at Low-Cost Website UK, we love working with Cottage Industries within the range of low-cost websites for small businesses. We can make you a great website where you can get your products in front of new clients. With our Search Engine Optimisation work your new site will get great positions in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. etc.

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Low-Cost Websites for Small Businesses.Kirsty Hartley, 45 Runs Wild Things Dresses.  A children’s clothing company, from her home in Lancashire. I have a studio at home. Working from the loft I work with local seamstresses who helps out with sewing from time to time.   Another woman does much of the production for me from a unit in Scotland. People are starting to shop more with care. I’m helping to generate a manufacturing base in this country again, but small. I do feel proud of that. Because I was ‘in the main’ selling online, it took many months to get the first order. We got quite good exposure on Etsy and Not on the High Street, which did help. I’ve now got a contract to write two books. It suits me to be able to work on my own. Missing working with a group of people can be a problem for me at times, but there are so many people online doing similar things. My Weekly Plan Having a weekly plan of what needs doing.is important to me. I despatch most of the orders myself. I’m involved in the day-to-day customer relations, which takes a couple of hours. Then I look at designs, do marketing and photography. There haven’t been any low points, except the fact I’m currently having to spend vital cash flow on legal fees. This protects my intellectual property. The bonus for me is that I can work around my children, who are four, six and 11. Once they’re asleep at night I can carry on if there are still things to do. I live in a lovely part of Lancashire, with woodland walks and open moorland, so I can escape if I need to.